Who are we?

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Webconsulting DC is a digital consulting firm based in Washington DC. It deals with everything that is related to web development and administration, as well as expert advice on web matters. Started in the year 2000, the online company has by far beaten its competitors in the industry, because of the exceptional service delivery that is their trademark. Mike Roberts and Jack Roberts are the co-founders of the company, and they have left very steady long-lasting footprints. 

Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts has been a lover of video games ever since he was a teenager. He knew what he wanted to do when he grows up, and he has lived to fulfil his dreams. He learnt to play video games from his elder brother, who was a well-known tech guru in the entire estate. That’s how he discovered his passion and chose to pursue it. During his days in High School, Mike never missed the top position in the science congress competitions because of the innovative ideas he came up with in the field of technology. Some of the mobile applications that he came up with have been bought by high-profile companies, and he has never looked back since then. He is currently one of the leading software engineers the US, with a track record of high-quality service delivery. Alongside his brother, he has worked hard to transform the era of the World Wide Web through consultancy.

Jack Roberts

Jack Roberts, the younger of the two, is a marketing strategist with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He is the Sales and Marketing Director at Webconsulting DC, with a team of several affiliates. Having been in the marketing industry for over ten years, he has advanced his skills and explored more digital marketing strategies to ensure the successful operation of the consultancy firm. Jack has managed to mobilize a team of successful digital marketers, and they have jointly invested in drawing traffic that converts. This has pushed the company to the top of the list, in comparison with their competitors. Jack has worked for several high-profile companies and is very competent in the handling of matters related to the competitive business environment.

Start up


When Mike decided to create his startup online business for web consultancy, Jack came in handy to offer his marketing skills. They started the business from scratch, offering online services ranging from web development to website administration. Owing to their seamless performance, they got referrals and became the go-to consultants for every client who needed website creation and management in Washington DC and beyond.

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